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First Choice is a health and social care agency offering services to individuals and institutions. We are committed to helping people with different levels of needs by promoting inclusion, empowerment and self-help as crucial strands of our care and support services. We offer culturally appropriate care services and we operate across the UK. We treat people with dignity and respect. Learn more »

"First Choice’s vision is about promoting independence, choice and inclusion for service users with different level of needs."
- Patience Obaseki, Director

Safe and confidential

We understand and appreciate the importance of treating people as individuals and respect the cultures and values of our different clients. Learn More

Moving forward

We promise to respond quickly to any issues and take action to avoid any further problems. Learn More

A working relationship

We work co-operatively with other organisations to ensure that our services are of a good standard and meet with all relevant laws and regulations. Learn More

We believe that being treated with dignity and respect should be a fundamental right and evidence shows that the best social and health care provision adheres to this principle. Learn More...